We have access to homes in all price ranges in Palm Beach County, if you are serious about finding a new home, we are serious about helping you out! Contact us!

Please fill in the questionnaire below, this will help us assist you with finding your new home. Once we have your information we will email you property listings that best fits your criteria. All answers are imperative and necessary in order for us to assist you.

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First, last and security or a total of 3x rent prior to moving in will be required by the majority of Landlords.

The Landlords we work with require a clean background (no evictions, no criminal activity or felony convictions). Credit scores should be 580 or above… Preferably 600 or above as 600 is pretty much the minimum for an HOA approval.

Most Landlords are looking for a combined gross monthly income equal to three (3) times the total rent. Proof of income and employment verification will be required by way of pay stubs or employer reference letters. Have your current and or previous Landlord contact information available so Landlords can confirm.

Pets are allowed in many units. Limits on weight and number of pets apply depends on the Landlord and or the HOA. Aggressive breeds such as the Pit Bull won’t be allowed or any mix of.  Service animals or ESA animals are accepted as such provided they are properly registered with the county and you have the documents to show.

Thank you