Need assistance with your home search in Palm Beach / Broward County? Please answer the list of questions below, this will help me better assist you to find your new home. Once I have your information, listings of property that best fits your criteria will be sent to you via email. All of your answers are imperative and necessary in order for me to assist you.

The Landlords we work with require a clean background (no evictions, no criminal activity or felony convictions) and credit scores must be above 600. There are exceptions made on credit scores depending on the results of your credit review and the nature or cause for a lower than 600 credit score. If you credit score is below 500 I can’t help you.

Most Landlords are looking for a combined total monthly gross income equal to three (3) times the total rent. For example if you are looking for a home that rents for $1,500/month, the combined household income will need to be a minimum $4,500/month. Proof of income and employment verification will be required by way of pay stubs for a number of pay periods and reference letters.

Landlords will want to know that you will be a solid tenant for them. Providing reference letters from past landlords showing rental history and that rent was paid on time will only help the process.

Valid photo identification will need to be provided issued by any state or federal authority of the United States for all adults residing in the home.

Many Landlords and associations allow pets in their units but place restrictions on the number of pets, their breed and weight.  Aggressive breeds of dogs for the most part are not accepted by Landlords and most Home Owner Associations. Restricted breeds include Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and any mix containing one of these breeds. Service animal may be accepted with an approved Reasonable Accommodations request.

The more information you gather prior to applying for property the easier the process is. Property moves very fast and being prepared ahead of time helps you secure the home you want. The documents you need to provide are:

  • Pay stubs, at least 2 months
  • Credit and Criminal Background Report
  • Letters from past landlord(s)
  • Letter of employment
  • Copy of drivers license

* Please note that not all Landlords check your credit or criminal background history, they will want this supplied at the time you apply for a home. In the event that they want the credit and background checks supplied, I can provide this for you for a fee.

Federal law requires each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – to give you a free credit report every 12 months if you ask for it.

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